Voxxify insights deliver for Cerence Inc.

Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the leading provider of mobility assistants for the world’s leading automakers. A global R&D leader with more than 20 years of experience employing 2,000 people worldwide, Cerence technology has shipped in 350 million cars globally.

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Hear directly from CIO Bridget Collins about how Voxxify helped Cerence during a period of rapid change:

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Case Study

When Bridget Collins, CIO Cerence Inc., wanted to better understand how IT decisions impacted end users, Voxxify provided a simple and seamless way to get feedback from every kind of user. 

“Voxxify has been fantastic for Cerence during a period of rapid change, delivering real business impact. It helped me create an actionable plan to go help solve problems, and it really helped me prioritise which issues to tackle first”  Bridget Collins, CIO, Cerence

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About Cerence Inc.

Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the leading provider of mobility assistants for the world’s leading automakers. A global R&D leader with more than 20 years of experience employing 2,000 people worldwide, Cerence technology has shipped in 350 million cars globally.

The Challenge

Having spun off from its parent company, Cerence had to build all its business systems from scratch while going through an intensive rebrand and launch process. CIO Bridget Collins was aware that through this period of rapid change, some areas were working, while others definitely were not. Collins comments, “We had all of the basics in place, but I was struggling with understanding how I was doing from an end user services perspective. I was in the midst of what I thought was chaos.” Much of the information available to Bridget and her team was anecdotal, and it was difficult to identify trends without structured, evidence-based data.

Like many companies, Cerence had an extensive IT service catalogue, but little centralised, systematic data or internal customer feedback on end user experience with the tools provided, at a global or granular level. Essentially, it was unclear whether the technology being provided to employees was delivering value or meeting the needs of the different types of end users around the world – from engineering to sales to operations.

Why Voxxify?

Cerence realised that the way forward was to directly ask their end users about their experience of using IT. They needed a tool that was secure yet easy to deploy, that could generate powerful, actionable insights quickly to inform their action plan for IT. Having evaluated a number of solutions, Cerence chose Voxxify’s IT Experience Measurement (ITX) tool due to its focus on IT, ease of use, and seamless implementation. Eric Trzaskos, Director of IT Business Operations at Cerence, shares why they chose Voxxify: “Ease of use. Ease of setup. We thought about using one of the well-known survey tools or building it out ourselves. But one of the big value adds for Voxxify is that it offers a much more IT focused, out-of-the-box solution that still allowed us flexibility to configure the survey to our needs.”

The high response rates (over 50%) achieved by Voxxify surveys was another attraction – increasing the reliability of the insights generated. Being a fast-growing tech company, Cerence wanted quick, actionable insights, and the built-in Machine Learning-based analytics meant the results and insights would be available instantly once the survey closed.

Business Benefits and Outcomes

The insights generated by Voxxify’s technology validated the direction chosen by Cerence’s IT department. Subsequently, Bridget quickly created an actionable plan for her entire leadership team, prioritizing the problems that needed to be solved.

Some of the business benefits Cerence experienced included:

Validation: Voxxify’s data validated Cerence’s plan to bring the Helpdesk in-house, with the feedback from end users verifying the suspected poor quality of an outsourced help desk.

Targeted training: The company had invested in major rollouts of powerful enterprise-wide software such as Workday; however, clear training gaps were identified, which meant the assets weren’t being fully utilised. Targeted training and tactics like “Tech Tuesdays” have measurably improved productivity.

Improved asset utilisation and reduced technology costs: The quality data enabled Cerence to gain unexpected insights about key services. Using this data enabled them to renegotiate with vendors and inform a “blend and extend” model of implementation to maximize value.

Focus on IT services: Clear trends emerged from the feedback around certain tools that really forced the Cerence team to think about the total services they provide, beyond just the technology deployments.

Quality Data: There was initial reticence to some of the critical feedback. However, after seeing the quality of the data provided by Voxxify, this attitude changed radically, and the team became empowered by the information.

Global IT shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all across regions: Clear differences in regional services emerged, enabling Cerence to target teams to address specific problems.

The value of engagement: End users were genuinely delighted and impressed that they were asked their opinion on IT services. Cerence’s action plan included going back to individual respondents and drilling down further into their specific challenges. This became a big win for the company.


Implementation of the Voxxify ITX Platform generated significant benefits for Cerence, helping the CIO and her team to understand where to prioritise investment during a critical time for the business. Collins notes, “At the time, I was in the midst of what I thought was chaos. The Voxxify data showed that, in many areas, it wasn’t chaos at all – we actually had things under control – while in other areas, I saw opportunities to better manage some of the challenges we were faced with.”

In addition to insights on IT service delivery, other management teams including HR and Procurement gathered valuable and actionable information about their parts of the business.

Collins adds, “Voxxify provided me with a simple, seamless way to get feedback across the world from every different kind of user in our company. It’s a valuable tool for anyone trying to understand what’s going on in their business and make that connection with end users so they can continuously improve. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they need to get a handle on where they need to prioritise and what they need to focus on from an IT Experience perspective.”

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