Voxxify insights deliver for Cerence Inc.

Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the leading provider of mobility assistants for the world’s leading automakers. A global R&D leader with more than 20 years of experience employing 2,000 people worldwide, Cerence technology has shipped in 350 million cars globally.

When Bridget Collins, CIO Cerence Inc., wanted to better understand how IT decisions impacted end users, Voxxify provided a simple and seamless way to get feedback from every kind of user. 

“Voxxify has been fantastic for Cerence during a period of rapid change, delivering real business impact. It helped me create an actionable plan to go help solve problems, and it really helped me prioritise which issues to tackle first”  Bridget Collins, CIO, Cerence

Hear directly from Bridget about how Voxxify helped Cerence during a period of rapid change:

In the testimonial video you’ll learn about:

  • The Role: Bridget’s responsibilities as CIO at Cerence (00:10)
  • The Context: Complex spin off from parent company (00:30)
  • The Challenge: Initial IT hurdles faced by Collins and her team: “I wasn’t entirely sure where to go next” (01:00)
  • The Solution: How Collins used Voxxify to clarify end user perspectives and inform Cerence’s action plan for IT (1:35)
  • A Discovery: Unexpected insight – people wanted to provide feedback across multiple internal services (2:12)
  • Insights: Voxxify helped Collins to prioritize and target investment to achieve significant business impact (2:40)


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