Kanoo deploys Voxxify for digital transformation

YBA Kanoo Group measure IT Experience to drive digital transformation

The YBA Kanoo Group is one of the largest independent, family-owned groups of companies in the Gulf region with business activities across the world’s most dynamic industries including Shipping, Travel, Holidays, Machinery, Oil & Gas, Power & Industrial Projects.

In 2021 Kanoo used the Voxxify platform to measure and understand IT user experience across the group, providing a critical business metric for their ambitious digital transformation initiative.

“We are moving the conversation towards IT delivering greater business value, and Voxxify is a critical piece of the puzzle for us.” Tom O’Reilly, YBA Kanoo Group CTO.


Read the case study linked below to learn about how Kanoo used Voxxify to:

  • Gather detailed feedback from end users across the different businesses
  • Quickly pinpoint issues and opportunities by office, city and country
  • Empower the IT team to prioritize actions that would deliver the most value


Download the Case Study