Voxxify empowers GOAL to save lives

Learn how Dell Technologies employed Voxxify’s technology to rapidly analyze and prioritize IT experience improvements.

For 40 years, in 60 countries, GOAL has been on the frontline of humanitarian crises, helping people survive and find pathways out of poverty. A staff of 2,400 in 14 countries rely on IT to collaborate, collect data, manage logistics, and analyze and report on how donor funds are spent. By making the best possible use of IT, GOAL can do more, for more.

In 2020 as Covid-19 transformed the way the charity had to operate, the value of IT had never been more evident. When the pandemic shut down travel and supply chains, GOAL’s technology proved critical.

To help GOAL rapidly analyze and prioritize IT experience improvements, Dell used Voxxify’s platform for measuring and analyzing IT sentiment. 

Some highlights from the engagement included:

  • Created and pushed out a customized IT experience survey in 10 days.
  • In a matter of hours after the survey closed, the AI-driven platform generated an interactive dashboard for analysis and reporting.
  • The response rate was an enthusiastic 43%— with 4,996 individual user comments. 
  • Improved IT experience scores by 30% in subsequent measurements

The service made it easy for GOAL to quickly establish a meaningful baseline of user satisfaction with IT services, strategically prioritize where to focus on improvements, and then measure the impact of changes over time.

“I love detail, as many tech people do. Drilling down on results by role, country, and service was great,” says Janet Humphreys, CIO & CTO at GOAL. “But, in hindsight, what helped most was the synopsis … They helped us see that, despite country differences, consistent global patterns and themes emerged.”

“Just asking about their experience helped us connect even more with our frontline staff,” says Humphreys.

“IT gets so focused on doing that we can take that connection for granted. This was a way to stop and really listen. We can deliver all this great stuff, but what do you actually want and need?”

GOAL is already looking forward to using Voxxify’s platform for the next pulse survey, she adds. “My IT Services Manager was asking, when’s the next one? We’re excited to see where we’ve made progress and what we need to do next.”

Matt Roberts of Dell Technologies sat down with CEO, Siobhan Walsh, and CTO, Janet Humphreys, at GOAL at Dell Tech World 2021. 

In this 18 minute video you will:

  • Gain insight into GOAL’s mission to deliver emergency support and promote sustainable development in vulnerable communities.
  • Better understand the role technology plays in powering the work of a global non profit.
  • Learn how use of Voxxify’s employee experience measurement platform allowed them to increase the effectiveness of their work.


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