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As a leader in IT Experience Management, Voxxify combines human intelligence and machine learning to enable you to measure, understand and transform your employees’ experience with technology.

Capture Reliable Feedback

Interactive, powerful dashboards and charts that put you in control right from the start – allowing you to make meaningful change fast.


Set and Reach Targets

Voxxify allows you to set both an ITeX baseline and achievable future goals. Regular surveys help ensure you meet those targets, optimise costs and grow the business.


Quality of experience

The persona clustering adds a lot to do to the way you can interpret results. I can see that this can really drive some actions for us.

Edwin S, Manager, User Experience Analytics

Enterprise SaaS Vendor

It’s a really powerful tool. I didn’t think we’d get this kind of flexibility with it. It’s really, really good output, and it backs up our findings during interviews.

Phil M, Senior Consultant

Fortune 500 IT Consultancy

Compared with Voxxify, our current surveying platform looks like a dinosaur.

Sally P, Head of Employee Experience

Global Management Consulting Firm

Obviously it’s hugely powerful, but also slick & simple to use. My brain is buzzing around thinking about the possibilities.

Kevin C, Senior Vice President, IT

Global Healthcare Giant

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