Listening is the first step for people-centric IT

Are you Listening?

“People shouldn’t need to become more IT-literate; IT needs to become more people-literate. It’s easy to forget when we put our IT hat on what it’s like to struggle with a machine to try and get through your work.”

Steve Fleming, Founder of Voxxify

At Voxxify we think a lot about how technology can work for people, and not the other way around. Through working with some of the world’s largest organisations we’ve learned that by Listening to your end users’ experience of the IT you provide, you learn powerful insights that inform your IT strategy and build trust.

Listening shouldn’t be gathering feedback on the amount of support tickets issued when something breaks in your business and its success measured on how fast you close the incident, or responding to the user that screams the loudest.

This isn’t really listening.

Are you really listening?

To listen you need to be proactive, open and empathetic. But if you’re an IT manager in a fast-paced environment how do you really listen when there are hundreds, or thousands of people to listen to?

Provide a secure, sympathetic ear to quickly capture IT sentiment and satisfaction levels across the company. Ensure you listen to everyone, geographically, by region, and type of user and put yourself in their shoes.

By gathering and analysing the experience of the IT provided, you can spot common trends and problems – and proactively manage them.

This quality evidence-based data can support IT changes by showing what needs to be prioritized to help your business and its end users.

Successful businesses put their IT strategy at the core of their business. They continue to listen by regularly asking their end users, ensuring that the biggest, most important issues are addressed. This helps ensure IT’s internal customers feel validated in and supported.

The impact of listening

Some of the business benefits we’ve seen include:

  • Clear unbiased evidence to quickly create an action plan
  • Find out what is really happening, understand sentiment and proactively manage issues
  • Quickly and clearly see what the key priorities are for every type of user around the world
  • Increased loyalty and retention
  • UX satisfaction driving higher scoring for KPIs.

And we all know it’s never too late to listen!

Are you interested in listening now?

“Until I understand you, and what you are experiencing and trying to achieve, I don’t think I am going to be able to help you to move in that direction to achieve that goal. So when I got engaged with Voxxify it was a really simple, seamless way for me to get feedback across the world from every different kind of user. I can honestly say that without that data, and that information that came back, based on the sentiments that I was hearing, I may have actually prioritised the wrong thing.”

Bridget Collins, CEO, Cerence Inc.


If you seriously want to listen to your end users, Voxxify can help.

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