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Optimize the Employee Digital Experience… Listen, Learn, Respond

Why is Voxxify different?

Unlike other survey tools, Voxxify is a fully integrated solution comprising surveying, visualisation, analysis & segmentation to generate powerful insights, quickly.

Machine Learning analytics generate actionable insights

Influence Score

Voxxify’s proprietary Machine Learning algorithms instantly analyse patterns in the data to highlight the key drivers of satisfaction for your organisation.

Dynamic Personas

Our unique cohort analysis identifies groups of people with similar needs based on how they work, not where they work.

Separate signal from the noise

All feedback is valuable, but it can be hard to identify which ones require broad action vs individual attention. Voxxify’s outlier analysis automatically does that for you.

Voxxify is a really simple, seamless way to get feedback from every type of user around the world. It helped me not only create an actionable plan to go help solve some of the problems, it really helped me prioritise.

It’s a really valuable tool for anyone trying to get that grip on what’s going on in their business, making that connection with the end users so they can continuously improve.

Bridget Collins, Chief Information Officer

Cerence Inc.

Simple to use, powerful insights.

Powerful analytics translate complex data into actionable insights. IT leaders are empowered with the information they need to optimize their employee digital experience.

Speed & precision

90 second survey, 1 week turnaround, 1 minute to analyse data and generate statistically significant results.

An IT tool for IT

Created by enterprise IT experts to help run the business of IT.

Effective & engaging

User-friendly and gamified UI to achieve 40%+ response rate, with no chasing.

Cloud based

Standalone email-based experience measurement platform, hosted in our secure cloud so it’s fast and effortless to deploy.

Integrated & automated

End-to-end platform comprising surveying, visualisation, analysis & personas. Schedule a survey in 2 minutes and let the machine take care of everything.

Template based

You don’t need to spend any time figuring out how to build a survey. Quick & easy to tailor to your specific needs.

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