About Voxxify

As a leader in enterprise IT Experience Management, Voxxify combines machine learning with human intelligence to measure, understand and transform your employees’ experience with technology.


Voxxify is a purpose-built IT Experience Management platform, created specifically for enterprise IT organisations.

Our approach, based on industry-leading practices, is to baseline the employee experience of IT and then survey periodically until the North Star employee IT experience score is attained.

We do this through lightning-fast surveys, powerful machine learning algorithms, and rich executive level dashboards & roadmaps. All based on our extensive experience and expertise in ITXM.


Founder & CEO Steve Fleming is a global thought leader in IT Experience Management, with over 23 years’ experience in senior Technology, Product Management, Strategy & Leadership roles with global blue chip corporates like Royal Bank of Scotland, American Airlines & Dell.

Steve is passionate about transparency and accountability. Without these we risk limiting technology’s ability to unlock human potential.

The powerful combination of Steve’s comprehensive domain knowledge and insider experience with leading edge machine learning technology is that enables Voxxify to transform your organisation.

Steve Fleming


Compared with Voxxify, our current surveying platform looks like a dinosaur.

Sally P, Head of Employee Experience

Global Management Consulting Firm

The persona clustering adds a lot to do to the way you can interpret results. I can see that this can really drive some actions for us.

Edwin S, Manager, User Experience Analytics

Enterprise SaaS Vendor

It’s a really powerful tool. I didn’t think we’d get this kind of flexibility with it. It’s really, really good output, and it backs up our findings during interviews.

Phil M, Senior Consultant

Fortune 500 IT Consultancy


Our core team has an exceptionally strong track record in startups as well as blue chip multinationals, with over 6 years’ specific experience developing employee experience driven change programs at major tech multinationals.

This gives us unparalleled insight into the drivers of employee experience.

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