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Do you want your IT systems to work better, make your colleagues more productive, save the business money, and generally help you become the company’s new star? 

Voxxify can help.

Why Voxxify

We’ve created a simple – but powerful – solution, to complex problems. Voxxify’s user-friendly, AI-driven Experience Measurement platform requires no integration and needs minimal time to both onboard and accelerate results.


Voxxify is a purpose-built IT Experience Measurement platform that helps IT leaders quickly understand end user sentiment, and what steps they can take to improve it. 

It allows you to get a better understanding of the systems you manage, whether you’re settling into a new role, getting ready to make some changes, or want to ensure you have value-for-money from the systems your company uses all day every day.

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Founder & CEO of Voxxify Steve Fleming is one of the world’s leading exponents of IT experience management thanks to a 20-plus year career working with global Blue Chip corporates such as Royal Bank of Scotland, American Airlines and Dell. 

Passionate about ensuring technology works for the user – and not the other way round, he has a strong belief that without transparency and accountability we risk limiting technology’s ability to unlock human potential. It’s one of the reasons he founded Voxxify. 

Voxxify management share this passion for giving voice to the user experience, enabling IT leaders to ensure their employees get the technology they need to do their job.

Steve Fleming

Founder, CEO

Liz McCarthy

Head of Marketing

Alan Cooney

Head of Enterprise Sales

Sean B


Voxxify is a really simple, seamless way to get feedback from every type of user around the world. It helped me not only create an actionable plan to go help solve some of the problems, it really helped me prioritise.

It’s a really valuable tool for anyone trying to get that grip on what’s going on in their business, making that connection with the end users so they can continuously improve.

Bridget Collins, Chief Information Officer

Cerence Inc.

We use Voxxify to help customers listen to their employees and figure what out the right priorities are. 

It opens people’s eyes, it surprises them with what’s most important to their users, and it changes the conversation in a data-driven, evidence-based way.

That’s a different way of thinking. It’s a way that we were not thinking before we started working with Voxxify.

Matt Roberts, Global Consulting Lead

Dell Technologies

I love the detail, as many tech people do. Drilling down on results by role, country and service helped us see that, despite country differences, consistent global patterns and themes emerged. 

We constantly reference the findings in our to-be objectives, and already looking ahead to the next survey to see where we’ve made progress and what we need to do next.

Janet Humphreys, Chief Technology Officer

Goal Global


Our team has a strong track record of working with companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals, and more than six years’ experience developing employee experience-driven change programmes at major tech companies.

By working with Voxxify, you get unparalleled insight into the drivers of employee experience.

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