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About Advisor Group

Advisor Group, Inc. is a financial services company operating the largest network of independent financial advisors in the United States supporting over 11,000 advisors overseeing $450 billion in client assets.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the firm is mission-driven to support the role that advisors can play in the lives of their clients, offering securities and investment advisory services through its subsidiaries.

Snapshot of Advisor Group’s engagement with Voxxify

Advisor Group provides a complex array of IT services to a large network of independent advisors with a commitment to “Open Architecture”, meaning advisors have access to the systems they prefer, with integration and services managed centrally.

VP of Workplace Technology at Advisor Group Todd Logan had experienced first-hand the value of accurately measuring IT Experience while in a previous role, and wanted to bring this approach to Advisor Group. However the methodology he had used previously – a dedicated team surveyed over 25 business groups and carried out interviews with over 600 people on an annual basis – was not an option, and Logan needed a tech-based solution. Following extensive research of the market, it was clear that Voxxify was the perfect fit.

Working closely with HR leaders who understood the impact that IT experience can have on company culture and productivity, Logan generated detailed insights using the Voxxify platform in the summer of 2022.  With a response rate of 46%, the insights have accurately highlighted areas that clearly need to be prioritized to improve overall experience of their end users across multiple businesses in different locations.

Case Study coming soon

The full customer story outlining Advisor Group’s experience, learnings and benefits gained will be published end 2022.

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