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About StratCo

One of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms, StratCo offers strategic advisory services to businesses worldwide spanning marketing, organisation, operations, IT and M&A. As a leading professional services firm, corporate culture is a priority for StratCo – people are its biggest asset and their time is valuable. The company invests heavily in its employees, fostering a supportive working environment across its offices in over 30 countries globally. Removing friction and improving user satisfaction for internal services is a key goal for StratCo.

The Challenge

Before engaging with Voxxify the IT department had been carrying out an annual IT Experience Survey using a well-known survey tool. Managed by the head of IT operations and a team of analysts, the process was time-consuming and inefficient. Uncovering valuable insights quickly proved problematic.

“It took two full weeks analysing everything and trying to collate results I could put in front of the key stakeholders,” StratCo’s IT Operations Manager explains, “it was an extremely difficult and time-consuming process.” 

The annual survey took a lot of time to set up and administer. Email reminders had to be sent manually and results were collated in a CSV file, requiring a huge amount of time to generate insights. Pairing valuable verbatim comments with specific IT services was especially difficult to do accurately at scale, and StratCo’s IT department could not mine valuable granular information about individual business units, offices and roles.

The IT team knew that, by moving to a quarterly cadence, they would be able to generate more accurate trending data, but, with time and staff restraints, they didn’t have the internal capability to make this happen.

Why Voxxify

Stratco selected Voxxify because it is purpose-built for enterprise IT, designed to enable large global organisations to measure and improve end-user experience over time and across multiple locations. A major benefit was just how fast and easy Voxxify was to implement, requiring zero integration. Privacy and security of company information is paramount, and full GDPR compliance and strong security features were key decision factors.

Voxxify’s automated survey distribution, scheduling and tailored reminders significantly reduced the administration involved in gathering the feedback, while achieving high response rates. Voxxify’s Influence Score, in particular, was able to highlight which IT services were having the greatest impact on employee satisfaction, segmenting results across the organization. As StratCo’s CIO noted:

“What we really needed was better segmentation and better understanding — for example, is there one part of the world that is actually unhappier than another? Voxxify enables us to do that.”

Business Benefits

Previously the IT team ran an annual IT Experience Survey, which took several months to complete, analyse and act on. With Voxxify’s automated analytics and trending capabilities, they are now implementing this process on a more frequent basis, year round. This enables the team to achieve more dynamic, user-centred IT service delivery supported by precise insights.

In the space of just two quarterly surveys, clear trends and patterns emerged and StratCo experienced business benefits including:

Pinpoint regional issues: The geographic breakdown enabled management to identify differences in IT Experience for every service across countries and offices, highlighting opportunities for targeted intervention. For example, across the two surveys satisfaction for the IT Service Desk was down 20 points in one country relative to the global average. According to the IT Operations Manager

“It might be indicative that they’re short staffed, or there are training requirements. This data enables us to support that region, dive in and help fix any problems that might be happening”.

Empower IT managers to support end-users on specific issues: As soon as the survey closed, managers across different functions and regions were given access to the results dashboard. This allowed them to follow up with specific end-users where appropriate, helping deliver on their objective of providing a “white glove” IT service.

Rapid feedback on VPN implementation: The data clearly validated the team’s decision to invest in VPN updates to improve remote access. Within 3 months after the first survey, this area of IT had improved significantly.

“Remote Access scores jumped this survey from the last one. Seeing that was really helpful for that team to know that what we’re doing is working and people are noticing it, and it’s having an effect” shared the IT Operations Manager.

Inform content, functionality of new IT Portal: Clear themes about self-service IT needs emerged from the verbatim comments such as self-service requests, training, or automated Helpdesk access. These insights have informed the content of the firm’s new IT portal, which will provide a central source of information on IT services.

Deeper insights on investment in laptop refresh: Voxxify’s Influence Score demonstrated across both surveys that a low satisfaction score for Laptops was impacting negatively on Overall Satisfaction. This data has provided valuable validation for the team, helping build a stronger business case for accelerated rollout of a laptop refresh.


For StratCo, Voxxify’s insights are helping the global 300-person IT organization to measure the impact of their operations in terms of how it supports 5,000+ employees to do their job – a critical metric for professional services.

Overall, Voxxify has helped StratCo move to a more dynamic, responsive form of IT service delivery. The ability to roll out quarterly surveys with instant insights that can be used by managers at any level or region is transforming the way StratCo approach IT planning. According to the CIO

“We are changing the dynamics of our organization from “rolling out a technology” to understanding “how are we adopting it, and is it helping or not?”. Without having sensors in the system, it’s impossible to do that. Voxxify provides this for us.”

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