Dell Technologies EXM powered by Voxxify

Dell Technologies Consulting Services partner with Voxxify to help customers listen to their employees and prioritize their action plan.

“It opens people’s eyes, it surprises them with what’s most important to their users, and it changes the conversation in a data-driven, evidence-based way.

That’s a different way of thinking. It’s a way that we were not thinking before we started working with Voxxify”, says Matt Roberts, Global Consulting Lead, Modern Workforce at Dell Technologies

Dell EXM: Deliver exceptional employee IT experiences with a modern way to measure, prioritize, and optimize IT experiences in the workplace

Dell Technologies Consulting Services can help you gain the most from an experience-centric framework.

Using modern employee experience measurement (EX) technologies and services, organizations gain insight into what’s working and what’s not—and prioritize the IT improvements that are most valuable and most impactful to the organization—and more importantly—prove efforts actually improve employee experiences.

Dell Technologies goes beyond traditional EX measurement tactics and employs greater discipline in defining and measuring IT success.

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