About Osaic

Osaic, Inc. (fka Advisor Group), a portfolio company of Reverence Capital Partners, is one of the nation’s largest providers of wealth management solutions, supporting over 11,000 financial professionals.

Their mission is to support the strategic role that financial professionals can play in the lives of their clients. Cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship and independence, Osaic champions the enduring value of financial professionals.

Snapshot of Osaic’s engagement with Voxxify

Osaic provides a complex array of IT services to a large network of independent advisors with a commitment to “Open Architecture”, meaning advisors have access to the systems they prefer, with integration and services managed centrally.

Todd Logan, VP of Workplace Technology at Osaic, had experienced first-hand the value of accurately measuring IT Experience while in a previous role, and wanted to bring this approach to Osaic. However the methodology he had used previously – a dedicated team surveyed over 25 business groups and carried out interviews with over 600 people on an annual basis – was not an option, and Logan needed a tech-based solution. Following extensive research of the market, it was clear that Voxxify was the perfect fit.

Working closely with HR leaders who understood the impact that IT experience can have on company culture and productivity, Logan generated detailed insights using the Voxxify platform in the summer of 2022.  With a response rate of 46%, the insights have accurately highlighted areas that clearly need to be prioritized to improve overall experience of their end users across multiple businesses in different locations.


In the fast-evolving realm of financial services, user-centric technology solutions are the cornerstone of success. This case study delves into how the IT department of a prominent financial services institution harnessed the Voxxify survey tool to gain invaluable insights into end user technology needs, leading to transformative enhancements in their service offerings.


Osaic Inc., renowned for its presence and diverse client base, had long recognized the critical role of technology in its operations. The Workplace Technology team, tasked with managing a complex ecosystem of applications and platforms, was keen on proactively addressing user expectations and fostering a deeper understanding of their technological needs & preferences.


  1. User Diversity: Osaic’s end user base spanned various demographics and regions, each with unique technology expectations. The challenge was to capture this diversity comprehensively.
  2. Alignment with User Needs: The IT team struggled to align their technology roadmap with genuine user requirements, often leading to underutilized or misaligned resources.
  3. Inefficient Communication: Traditional methods of gathering user feedback, like emails or support tickets, led to fragmented insights and inefficiencies in responding to evolving user needs.


The Workplace Technology team the need for a robust, user-friendly survey tool to bridge the gap between user expectations and technology solutions. The decision to implement the Voxxify tool was grounded in its reputation for seamless user experience, comprehensive data collection, and sophisticated analysis capabilities.

Survey Design and Deployment

Working closely with Voxxify experts, the IT team crafted targeted surveys tailored to their needs. These surveys encompassed aspects such as user preferences, pain points, and emerging technology trends. The user-friendly interface of the Voxxify survey tool ensured that respondents could provide feedback effortlessly.

Data Analysis and Insights

The survey tool’s analytics dashboard provided the IT team with a consolidated view of user feedback. Through advanced data analysis, the team identified recurring patterns, highlighted pain points, and pinpointed technology areas requiring immediate attention.

Strategic Decision-Making

Armed with quantifiable insights from the Voxxify survey tool, the Workplace Technology team strategically aligned their technology roadmap with the institution’s overarching business objectives. This data-driven approach empowered them to prioritize projects that directly addressed user needs and contributed to the institution’s growth strategy.


Laser-Focused Technology Enhancements: The Voxxify tool paved the way for targeted technology improvements. By addressing user-specific pain points and preferences, the Workplace Technology team successfully optimized existing platforms and developed new features that resonated with users.

Enhanced User Experience: The institution’s clients and employees experienced an evident improvement in their interactions with technology. The Workplace Technology team’s ability to swiftly identify and rectify user pain points led to increased satisfaction and engagement.

Resource Optimization: The Workplace Technology team witnessed a reduction in the allocation of resources to projects that didn’t align with user needs. This optimization resulted in cost savings and more efficient utilization of technical talent.

Streamlined Communication: The Voxxify survey tool fostered a culture of open communication between end users and the Workplace Technology team. End users felt empowered, knowing that their opinions played a pivotal role in shaping the technology landscape.


The integration of the Voxxify survey tool revolutionized the Osaic Workplace Technology team’s approach to technology development. By seamlessly capturing user insights, the Workplace Technology team was able to tailor their solutions to genuine user needs, enhancing overall user satisfaction, and contributing to the institution’s strategic growth trajectory. This case study exemplifies the transformative potential of Voxxify’s technology in bridging the gap between technology and user expectations, and its impact in fostering innovation and user-centricity within the financial services sector.

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