VDI: Keeping it real for remote workers

Keeping IT real for remote workers

Published on The Business Post | Sunday 29 Aug 2021

“When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and companies were obliged to facilitate staff working from home, there were two IT strategies they could follow. But now that we’re heading towards the back end of 2021, only one of them is truly adaptable and fit for long-term use, writes Alex Meehan.”

Voxxify founder and CEO Steve Fleming contributed to this discussion on how enterprise IT leaders can keep staff working from home – preserving both flexibility and security.

One solution companies have used is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, which gives IT more control of the technology provided to end users. As remote working became the norm, interest in VDI boomed. However this cast a light on the problem of access speeds, which aren’t uniform for employees working in different locations.

A key factor to consider as companies move to hybrid working is preserving equity for employees working both in the office and remote. When some people are present in person at a meeting and some are dialling in remotely, people won’t necessarily have the same opportunity to participate. “When people go back to the office and a meeting is called, some will be there in person and some will dial in remotely. The remote people will eventually be forgotten because they won’t have the same equity. That’s one potentially negative aspect of the growing trend for allowing staff to work sometimes at home and sometimes in the office,” Fleming said.

“To keep things equal and positive in the workplace, companies in these situations will need to find a way to balance up these experiences.”

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