SXSW: Voxxify Launches Empathy in IT Interview Series


In March, 2021 Voxxify took part in SXSW where we launched “Empathy in IT” – a series of interviews with global CIOs and IT leaders, discussing whether empathetic IT is the future. 

At Voxxify we think a lot about how technology can work for people, and not the other way around. We’ve seen that successful IT leaders embrace this philosophy, using a variety of tactics to understand the needs of different users and empower people with the right digital tools for their job.

As tech increasingly forms part of everything we do, it’s clear that delivering IT with empathy will be a critical differentiator.  The data shows that this approach will help companies enable their employees to be happier and more productive at work. 

To dig into the story further, Voxxify CEO, Steve Fleming, interviewed 6 global CIOs & IT leaders from companies like consulting company Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and tech multinational Cerence Inc. 

  1. Bridget Collins, award winning CIO at Cerence Inc., spoke about how she successfully built out a high performance IT function as part of the spin-off from parent company Nuance. She also shared how Voxxify’s sentiment analysis platform helped her and her team prioritise IT spend and deliver greater business value.
  2. Stuart Halford, CIO at Goodbody, spoke about the importance of the service desk understanding the needs of its customers as well as the role of empathy in building trust and ultimately productivity.
  3. Dave O’Brien, Fexco’s CTO, shared his thoughts on the value of understanding the varying needs of end-users across a multinational and the challenges of gathering feedback from globally distributed end users.
  4. Chris Murphy, Global Head of Workplace Services & End User Services at BCG, spoke about how his IT department puts users at the centre of everything they do, tactics to deploy empathy at scale – Pulse Check, Persona analysis & more.
  5. Matt Roberts, Global Consulting Lead for Workforce Transformation at Dell Technologies gave insight into best practices when delivering world class IT services across different enterprises.
  6. Mark Chillingworth, former editor of CIO UK, Financial Times contributor, and Chair of the Horizon CIO Network joined us as well. He explained how the IT function significantly evolved since the financial crisis of 2008, taking on the role of broker and business enabler.
  7. Pete Buttigieg, US Secretary of Transport, answers a question from Steve: “In today’s modern world, how important is empaty?”

Our interview series yielded valuable insights from innovative IT executives. Voxxify is uncovering the future of IT by asking the right questions at all levels of organizations. Analyzing these diverse perspectives and on-boarding sentiment to inform change leads to optimal outcomes. 

Those leading the industry agree that empathy in IT is the future. 

Watch the complete interview series.

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