Voxxify feature on RTE News – Budget 2022

On Tuesday 12 Oct RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster, spoke with Voxxify’s head of marketing Liz McCarthy about the impact of Budget 2022 on Remote Workers.

Watch the clip to see the full interview (from 12m 29s).

In relation to the new measure, the Government said that remote work is a cornerstone of continued economic growth.

From the perspective of Voxxify, we welcome the introduction of measures by the Irish government to support remote and hybrid work styles.

On the commercial side of the equation we’ve seen that for our clients, getting the technology right is critical to ensure employees are productive both at home and in the office. We’ve seen firsthand that by asking end users how they feel about the technology they use, IT leaders can get better data about what is, and what isn’t, working.

Better data leads to better decisions.

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